An Integral Passion To Learn

We celebrate all kinds of love this February.

Romance with our SOs is what we often think of when it’s V-Day. Others celebrate love by taking time with their families and friends. Some singles take out their bitter loneliness on others by denying the holiday’s spirit. We still celebrate love no matter how we view this month.

But there’s one kind of passion that we overlook. It’s the passion to learn. We’re all passionate about a certain field or skill, and that itself is love! Passion is something between you and your dreams only, and no one can come in between that. The passion to learn is what keeps us growing as humans and helps us contribute to society. And with that, it’s a kind of of passion that works.

And where do we find a passion that works? At Integra Institute of Art, Business, & Technology.

Integral To The Future

What makes Integra different from the rest? They built their education for the future.

All the courses they offer are up-to-date and useful for whatever industry the student chooses. Mentors provide thorough training in months with Integra’s hands on technique and comprehensive content. It’s done ASAP since fields quickly update and easily makes past knowledge obsolete. Thus, the real life applicability is put to practice in no time. Learning at Integra helps students anticipate and adapt to a rapidly-changing world, as they have a future-focused framework.


Open-House For All

Integra invited me to their event a few weeks before. This was my first event as a blogger! Even if I only started last November, I felt stoked to attend because the school sounded cool from the invitation. (Spoiler alert: it is cool.)

Since I came from the southern part of NCR, I left early to arrive early. I arrived too early, though. It wasn’t a bad idea since I got to explore the Marco Polo building, where their corporate office was. Never have I experienced a super friendly staff other than at the Marco Polo.

The Corporate Office

Integra’s corporate office was on the 19th floor at the Regus Offices. The co-working space had that futuristic feel that matched Integra’s core beliefs. Two instructors, Erika Lopez and Joana Diane, toured me around the pantry for some coffee and water.


Soon, other bloggers arrived. Culinary students prepared us brunch while we waited for the open house to start. They curated goods from French Baker.

Macarons never looked so good before… and it’s so Halloweeny
When you forgot to take a pic of your croissant because you were hungry asf 🙂

The event started with the founder, Mr. Rob Pengson, talking about how Integra started. He formed Integra as a culmination of his passions: culinary, teaching, and business. Every now and then he’d often state the importance of technology and how it quickly changes our jobs and what we know of it. Integra always updates their courses according to what the future needs.

Talks with Other Mentors

Integra also has mentors from all over the world who excel in their respective fields. However, they can’t join us physically in the event. Thanks to the wonders of Skype though, they still entertained us with their presence. One was  Dino Ignacio, who works as the UI / UX Lead of Oculus. Another was Swee Lin Lim, who wrote 10 Easy Habits of Eating Well, Being Well.

Swee Lin Lim from Singapore discussed financial education. She wanted to share her knowledge about it with Filipinos.

Other mentors who were present gave their own talks as well. Some of the mentors were former students of Mr. Pengson.

TV director Rich Ilustre
Kres Jacobsen, Integra’s Senior academic advisor / ocassional lecturer for Business & Management
Natalie Tarin, lecture contributor for Integra’s School of Business. She’s 1/2 of The Travelling Foxes.
John Vince Mangibin, lecturer contributor to Integra’s School of Business and one of Mr. Pengson’s mentees
Timmy Facuri, one of the head mentors of Integra’s School of Business and another mentee of Mr. Pengson
Natasha Villaroman, one of Integra’s instructors who held a short seminar on Personal Branding. She’s the other half of The Traveling Foxes.

Kahoot Game

Aside from talks, the event also provided a game for the guests.  We played a game on online platform Kahoot. With a special pin and a wifi connection, we joined the game where it tested our touch screen speed and Integra knowledge.

I had to stick to my branding of Japanese aesthetic so the cherry blossom is a must.

I wasn’t quick enough, but hey that was fun! (In a tense kind of way)


After our game, we then got a tour around the school itself. It was located in another building, so we had to transfer to Strata 2000, a building not so far away from the office.


The Fashion Lab

I’ve never stepped in a fashion studio before! So I was amazed when I entered the “laboratory”, as fashion instructor Joana Diane calls it. It is indeed, a lab of its own. We saw sewing machines instead of test tubes, and fabric samples instead of liquid samples. Fashion is indeed both a form of science and art. I definitely felt that inside Integra’s fashion studio.

Joana Diane, fashion mentor at Integra’s School of Art & Media

Once you see why the cloth looks familiar…


Art Room

Digital and traditional meet in Integra’s own art room. One of the art mentors, Vic Covarrubias, demonstrated how to present hand-drawn animation unto the screen. It amazed me because paper-to-digital takes a lot of steps. But we immediately saw the animation he worked on come to life on screen!

For reference, please.

Apparently he used this example to demonstrate how the art and fashion courses work hand in hand. He showed this animation of how the skirt moves when swayed.

Branding a can of green peas

Takeaways and Giveaways

The event inspired me in different ways. First, it motivated me to push my craft / passion projects as Integra gave the mood to prove that there’s a kind of passion that works. Then, I met really cool bloggers and social media personalities such as Danna Peña and the founders of SinoPinas (John, Karl, and Alex). It’s amazing to meet like minded people who love to travel and share beautifully curated content of it on social media.

Integra gave us their gifts / media kits in an amazing packaging: a fashionable mini-backpack! Designed by Joana, the backpack is meant to be worn with the clasp holding the straps together. A magnetic seal holds the bag together to protect the freebies inside.

Inside the backpack are art and tech freebies such as a notepad, a pen, some watercolor pencils, the brochure (I put it inside haha) and a USB containing everything we needed to know about Integra as guests to their first ever open-house event. Cool, right? Thank you, Integra!

Not pictured: the USB I attached to my laptop while taking this pic.


The Details

Integra Institute of Art, Business, & Technology provides you an adaptive, transformative way to practice what you love in a short amount of time. If you love something, as in, you love something enough to devote a quick amount of time to pursue it, then Integra is for you!

They offer the following courses, inclusive of all materials too:

Start Date: March 20, 2017
Meetings: Mondays – Thursdays
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm
Schedule: 8 meetings
Fee: P18,990

Start Date: March 20, 2017
Meetings: Mondays – Thursdays
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Schedule: 8 meetings
Fee: P18,990

GRAPHIC BRAND DESIGN: Photoshop and Illustrator for Entrepreneurs and Marketers*
Start Date: March 20, 2017
Meetings: M-W-F
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Schedule: 12 meetings
Fee: P28,990

HANDS-ON DIGITAL MARKETING: For Entrepreneurs, Managers and Marketers
Start Date: March 21, 2017
Meetings: T-TH
Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm
Schedule: 12 meetings / 1.5 months
Fee: P28,990

FASHION SKETCH ANIMATION: for Fashion Innovators*
Start Date: March 20, 2017
Meetings: M-W-F
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Schedule: 12 meetings  / 1 – month
Fee: P23,990

FUNDAMENTALS OF FASHION for Fashion Career Explorers*
Start Date: March 06, 2017
Meetings: M-W-F for 12 weeks
Time: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Schedule: 36 meetings / 3 – months
Fee: P48,990

MBA ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Mastering Business Applications in Entrepreneurship
Start Date: March 20, 2017
Meetings: M-W-F
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Schedule: 36 meetings / 3 – months
Fee: P88,990

*Inquire today and get up to 33% off for early enrollment!

So if you’re in love with your craft, passionate about your work, or you just really like a certain field, enroll at Integra now!

You can contact Integra at (02) 721 – 8922 or send them an e-mail at [email protected]. You can also visit the campus at Unit 19C, Strata 2000, F. Ortigas Jr. (Emerald Avenue), Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Classes start on March 6.

Disclosure Policy: Thank you for inviting me to my first event as a blogger, Integra!



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