I Almost Died: An Inspirational Tale of Global Warming, Dehydration, and Blacking Out

Honestly, I’m a very positive person. Okay, I have a few worries here and there. But that’s part of life though.  We have to balance between joy and sorrow, all that, right? My life has been going pretty well anyway. New career opportunities, hanging out with my friends, being with my family…

But last week, I thought I was gone for good. I thought I was safe under so many trees and lots of grass. If I’m in touch with Mother Earth, I’d be fine. Either way though, global warming is an utter bitch who wants to take lives away.

How It All Began

Eating lunch at the office pantry is eating in North Pole. I wouldn’t mind wearing tons of layers while eating my lunch. But either way, it did not make a difference. The air in the pantry makes me shiver no matter what. So I decided to find other options for lunch: 1) convenience stores, and 2) open parks.

I started eating at convenience stores. Some stores had no problem with me eating there while not buying anything. But in other stores, I decided to buy at least a dessert or something I need. (Looking at you, Family Mart. I love you.) Yet my wallet isn’t too happy with the idea. So I decided to eat at the park instead.

A street away from the office, there are two parks: one for exercise and another for relaxation. The second park had a Japanese garden that reminded me of the time I traveled in Japan. Of course, I naturally visit there almost every day for a trip of mindfulness. It was my way of staying zen when I feel stressed from anything and everything.

Not all the time though, I get to go to the park. But when I do, I make sure to eat carefully. I try to keep my utensils in my hands, the meat in my container, and the container on my lap. It’s how I eat cleanly.

Turns out, eating like a proper lady is the least of my problems.

Little Did I Know

Me during Thursday evening and Friday

Last Thursday, I was feeling dizzy. This is pretty normal when I encounter heat and cold at the same time. We all get this when we feel both heat and cold at the same time, noh? So I thought of staying inside the car and taking a rest. But the headache was crazy, I couldn’t even properly rest. I had to look for the nearest restroom in the parking lot.

Once again, thank God for Family Mart! Aka, my favorite. I dunno what to do without Family Mart that time. The best part is, that Family Mart has a restroom! Finally, some privacy for me. Better to “export” there than in the parking lot, noh? I did get to do my job there. The guards and the cashiers were nice enough to give me a chair so I can sit and wait for my driver to pick me up.

Heck, I already had a driver but that didn’t stop me from nausea. I even had this bad idea of buying BFF fries because I thought hunger was the answer to my problem. LOL, it wasn’t. (Although I know it’s supposed to be!) Once again, it was a bad idea and the car ended up in a mess. The driver had to bring me to a hospital where my parents are already located there. I was brought in a room and there my parents tried to figure out what was wrong with me.


At that point, I was so confused with my state. Was I in the heat of the moment? Was I shining, shivering, (un)splendid? I had no idea what was happening to me. Once again, I decided to think of positive things and focus on one in particular.

During Friday, I didn’t know what happened. I knew I woke up, but I did not get to process what happened. I was sort of comatose, I didn’t know what exactly was happening. All I knew was that my mom, dad, and my godmother were all there trying to seize me. But I don’t really remember anything. Not even a single person other than the ones mentioned. Not even the nurse who handled me, or the doctor in charge.

My coworker was looking for me. I was supposed to watch Beauty and the Beast with my friend too.

Regaining Consciousness

LMAO I never thought I would regain it for a while.

Me during Saturday, but Kit Harington is prettier.

Whether or not you watched Game of Thrones, or read A Song of Ice And Fire, you all know one thing: Jon Snow is alive, he’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and he’s now the King of The North. I feel the same. But before you call me QueenofdaNorf, I’ll describe what Jon and I both felt.

It’s black. All black. Nothing else but the void. Even Simon and Garfunkel are not there to say “Hello darkness, my old friend.” Not that I’m saying there is no God But we all need to remember that God is life, God is love, and God is always with us. Whether we call him God, Allah, Lord of Light, or whatever, he’s always by our side.

Everything looked new in my perspective. Same old stuff, but a different point of view.

I was glad to see my parents and my godmother. Also, I was glad I was able to eat pizza. Of all things, pizza! Yes! My godmother brought a 10″ four seasons Yellow Cab pizza. I wasn’t able to eat that much the past 2 days so I had an absolutely huge appetite that day. Who can resist pizza though?

It was in the afternoon when the main doctor told my mom that I can leave. I have to get back to her in two weeks, though. (She explained that I suffered from hyponatremia: aka, low sodium levels.) All is well now as she recommended I hydrate with energy drinks and moderate my water intake.


Lessons Learned

Some word of advice: global warming is a real thing. It affects everyone involved, even the non-believers. It’s important to stay hydrated, but take note that too much water can cause death. Apparently, water intoxication is a real thing and it happened to me. I may have posted this, but LOL, I think I took it too seriously. So here are some tips for everyone to prevent what happened to me ever again:

  • Moderation is key: Drinking too little water will cause your thirsty ass to die, same thing with drinking too much. Know when to start, and when to stop.
  • Balance between energy drinks and water: I switch to energy drinks when water makes me feel dizzy. For tasty recs, I drink Pocari Sweat and Gatorade.
  • Balanced diet: I should probably eat more salty stuff. Thankfully, there’s always fries, cheese, and Pringles. I never get tired of Pringles, it’s my go-to comfort food.
  • Staying out of the sun during high noon: All right, no more parks for me right now lol.

Stay safe under this heat, and take care.

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