Fly To Buy // Beauty Haul 2 // Japan 2016

(Viola Davis’s How To Get Away With Murder voiceover) Previously, on my Japan 2016 beauty haul:

I listed a bunch of products that I got while I visited drug stores in Japan. Richel of Richel Goes asked me why I didn’t list the prices immediately in the post lol. Well, they’re here in Part 2!

It took me a lot of research both online and on site to get the prices of these products. Some of the products I obtained were no longer distributed in the Philippines. (A world without Shu Uemura and Heroine Make is a dull one.) Other products were rather hard to find here (even online), like Maquillage. I honestly haven’t seen any store selling them yet, though. Some products I listed in Part 1, like the Rienda false eyelashes or the Koji eyelash glue.

But most of the stuff I got are pretty accessible here! However, our local stores consider them imported products so the prices are much higher. What is “drug store” makeup in Japan is “high end” makeup here.

So if you’re a beauty junkie, or if you love someone who is into makeup, take note of this! You’d see the difference when you buy Japanese makeup from Japan itself.


Would you hop on a plane to Japan right now? What would you get when you shop there? And how do you feel that you can save more money and get to travel at the same time?

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  1. I love heroine make mascara, it’s the best and stays on through everything. You might be eligible to do duty free purchases as well at the department stores and donki on larger ticket items like SKII and whatnot.

    1. Hi Meaghan!

      I have yet to use my Heroine Make mascara. But that makes me excited to do so! My only regret in my haul is not buying enough Heroine Make because they are no longer sold in the Philippines. And yes, I was eligible for tax-free purchases because my purchases met the minimum requirement. (For Tsuruha in Namba, Osaka, it was ¥5,000.)

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