Monday Momentum // 17.03.20

Chances are, you’re part of the lot who thinks like this:

Monday: I’m here!

No matter what we do, Monday is a part of life. The only way to be at peace with Monday is to accept that it’s just there. Or at least, look at it this way: it’s a brand new page for this week. You wanted a fresh start? Monday’s a part of the package, deal with it.

So I created Monday Momentum to curate inspiration at the start of the week. This is now a weekly thing for 1) you to get better #MondayMotivation, and 2) a creative idea that keeps me writing in this blog too.

Sit back, and relax with me as we get our vibes going! (I’ll start with quotes for now.)

Change Your Focus

“Chase the dream, not the competition.” – Flawless (Dance group)

Our common mistake is often getting insecure with others’ successes. What we forget is that they went through a lot to get there. They were just like us too. Sadly, instead of seeing them as inspiration, we see them as threats. But a lot of us have the same goal, either way. If we forget to see them as competition, we could have them as our greatest allies. They can even help us! Bottom line: the only competition you have is yourself.

Lip-read Ariana Grande on this one:

“Focus (on me)” – me to me

[Quote submitted by u/myloosechange on r/GetMotivated.]

The Best Advice Given Ever! Guaranteed.

“The ultimate happiness is doing nothing.” – Zhuangzi

People think happiness is an end goal. Happiness is the process! Ask me “how to be happy” and my answer is this: stop working for it! Instead, look for it. Find joy in everything everyday. Perhaps, the weather is clear. Or you get your favorite lunch meal the way you wanted it cooked. Or you got a random text from a friend you haven’t seen in forever.

How about this: just be happy you’re still breathing. Trust me, it gives you a sense of peace. Been there already :).

You, right now.

[Quote from]

“Maintenance is the Major Key” – DJ Khaled

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

I really wish DJ Khaled said that. Imagine the meme I’ll include here if he did.

We all want something, we know we do. But getting half-assed about our dreams is the start of our fall there. This is where “hard work” comes in. What we often do is we either rely too much on faith or or on hard work, only to completely ignore the other. It goes hand in hand. We only succeed if we got both.

Please DJ Khaled say “maintenance is major key” IS2G

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Pasta For Productivity

This one, guys. This helped me a lot. Clickbait, music, and daydreaming easily distract me, so I tend to slack off easily. But ever since I tried the Pomodoro technique, the way I lived improved. I get to-do lists done in a day, and manage both my job and Aicsthetic at the same time. All you need is discipline, focus, and a timer.

Break your day down to dedicating 25 minutes for one task, then 25 for another. Keep doing this. You can also take breaks in between those intervals to save your soul. Thomas Frank explains it in better detail in the video above, so check it out for more details on how to live a pasta lifestyle.

[Video from Thomas Frank’s YouTube channel.]

Music Motivator

Now who doesn’t feel pumped after listening to Daft Punk? Nothing gets me more motivated than words like “Work it harder, make it better”. Alternatively, we can listen to the update, the Kanye West version:

I like both versions. But the instrumental track in Kanye’s version gives me more power because it’s got that gritty feel that pushes you to do your best.

How about you guys

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