BLK 513: My Food Matches My Soul

Before, the thought of eating something black didn’t appeal to me. Only a few things seemed black, edible, and delicious: Oreos, dark chocolate, coffee… So imagine when I heard of charcoal froyo. First reaction: WTF? People eat anything nowadays. But the moment I went to BLK 513, I emerged from my cave and into the light.

The Venue

Curious to see the hype, I went to the S Maison branch at the Conrad Hotel to see what it was all about.

BLK 513 S Maison queue

When I stepped in, I felt like like I was in a warehouse-turned-artsy greenhouse. A lot of the walls were either covered in fake grass, vector art, or quotes in fancy lettering. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Matcha Valentine: A Match In Heaven

A wall at BLK 513: "You Loved Me At My Darkest". Luh.

Back then I didn’t know what to get. Their flavor of the month was the Matcha Valentine. It was only available for February, so I might as well try it while it’s there. There was another matcha option with regular Greek yogurt. But I only heard of charcoal yogurt for the first time, so why not, astronaut? They called it the Dark Skim, a fitting name for a yogurt low in fat, sugar, and calories.

The best part is, you get to customize your ingredients too! I got mine with kiwi, strawberries, and granola. You also get a cute green spoon to match with the interiors.

BLK 513's Matcha Valentine in Activated Charcoal

I loved matcha before its hype in Manila took its peak. Only a few things tasted good with it, and the Matcha Valentine is one of them. The thickness of Greek Yogurt and the detox details of matcha combined promises tons of health benefits. Activated charcoal is also a new trend in health practices as it cleanses the body too. By the power vested in BLK 513, it now gives you… delicious cleansing.

Overall, BLK 513 offers a one of a kind health recipe you rarely find anywhere. They combined health benefits of different food and placed them in an awesome presentation. High key gonna visit here again, since I definitely need that detox!

Did you guys try BLK 513? What is your favorite thing about BLK 513? And did you get a chance to eat the Matcha Valentine?

BLK 513 is available at the following locations: SM Megamall (Quezon City), SM North EDSA (Quezon City), S Maison at the Conrad Hotel (Pasay City), and Eastwood Mall (Quezon City).

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    1. Try contacting them through social media and tell em you’d like to have them there in Cebu! They might receive messages from other Cebuanos too who want the same yogurt. 😀 All the best!

  1. Wow! I just love the way it looks and I really love matcha, being in Japan made me appreciate it, jeje. I haven’t tried that place but I hope soon! 😀

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