I’m Aica, everybody’s manic pixie dream girl. Graphic artist by day. Anything I believe I am by night. Lifestyle / humor blogger 24/7. Creative for life.

I’m this kind of person. I love cloudy days with a bit of sun, foreign films that require English subtitles, and eating Japanese food. You can find me at any cafe or restaurant with wi-fi, typing my latest entry or drawing for my next watercolor project. My ideal outfit? Off-shoulder dress, pastel leggings, and boots.


Aesthetic is obviously my favorite word in the English language. It’s also my favorite meme. Have you seen how pretty pale pink and turquoise go together?

I go way back with blogging. As a kid, I poured my heart out on Livejournal, Blogspot, or whatever platform I used then. My previous tries of taking this seriously were half-hearted. Until I started Aicsthetic.

This is my online turf. Lifestyle is my main mode, but I talk about almost anything here. Watch out for the quirks, though. That’s what makes this blog me.