5 Spotify Playlists For 5 Daily Situations

Whether you got iOS or Android, we have one must-have app: Spotify. It saves us the hassle of having to look for songs, purchase and save MP3s as local files. Think of it as your own cable, but replace TV shows with music.

Another thing Spotify eases for us is the Genre & Moods category. Now this saves us time from thinking of creating the perfect set of tracks for parties, working out, or focusing on tasks. I’m one person who thinks music can help the mood, so I’m often on Spotify.

Right now I found 5 different playlists to improve 5 situations in our routines. At one point or another they helped me! To make it easier, I included where you can find them. Happy listening!

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Ruminate and Reflect: 2 Reasons Why I Won’t Watch “13 Reasons Why”

Warning: The following post contains spoilers from the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. It also contains sensitive issues such as suicide, bullying, and trauma that goes with it.

Read with caution.

First, let me set the record straight. I don’t dislike the show. Then, this post is not a boycott of it either. This is just a reflection of what I think about the show since there’s so much hype now.

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So, What’s Up With Miniso?

I was curious about Miniso since it popped up in Robinson’s Place Manila. Y’all know I love Japanese aesthetic. But I didn’t get to check it out. What remained inside Miniso was still a mystery. Even after checking their official website, I still had more questions than answers.

Luckily, Miniso just opened a branch in Glorietta 2 last week. Oh yeah, a chance to see what’s inside!

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An Integral Passion To Learn

We celebrate all kinds of love this February.

Romance with our SOs is what we often think of when it’s V-Day. Others celebrate love by taking time with their families and friends. Some singles take out their bitter loneliness on others by denying the holiday’s spirit. We still celebrate love no matter how we view this month.

But there’s one kind of passion that we overlook. It’s the passion to learn. We’re all passionate about a certain field or skill, and that itself is love! Passion is something between you and your dreams only, and no one can come in between that. The passion to learn is what keeps us growing as humans and helps us contribute to society. And with that, it’s a kind of of passion that works.

And where do we find a passion that works? At Integra Institute of Art, Business, & Technology.

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Ruminate & Reflect: #Relatable Walter Mitty

How’re y’all doin’? Sorry I’m gonna delay the travel posts for a while. It’s a very busy month for me: I went back to work. Personal life happened. I’m also sticking to my goals and plans for this year… Which means actually working towards them without having to say anything. I know, I’m cheating on you guys with that. But they said: “Never count your chickens before they’re hatched.”

But there’s something I wanna share with you: a film. I watched it before I returned back home. You see, I made the mistake of not downloading Philippine Airlines’ myPAL player when I departed… Boo! So I corrected that before leaving, and I had it in my phone. Finally, in-flight entertainment!

Now the real question was, what do I watch? There were a lot to choose from, but I chose The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Why that? IDK, TBH. Last time I heard of it were good words from people who’ve seen it. All I knew about it was that Ben Stiller played your average guy with a secret fantastic life.

I was pretty close to what it really was.

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Traveling Challenge: Surviving Mercury Retrograde

There are certain times of the year where the stars just wanna watch you burn.

I’m not kidding. Mischief gets its share during those times of the year. You can actually blame fate for your setbacks, because it’s fate’s fault then. Around this time, you end up with lots of “what.” Maybe you stopped at the wrong train station. Or you sent e-mails to employers without your CV. You started dating someone who turns out to be a douche. Screwing up has a fancy name: Mercury Retrograde.

I first encountered this term during my TV production course back in college. Our professor marked a range of dates in her calendars with that dreaded name. She simply explained to us that it’s a very delicate time for production, because that’s when the messing up starts. Since then, I kept this in mind since we now heavily rely on gadgets and tech.

Later on, I learned that this was an astrological concept. I know some of you think astrology, zodiac, and horoscopes are bull. Even I’m not sold on the stars telling my fate. But sometimes, you just can’t help wonder why things just go haywire after an amount of time…

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Saving Septic Tank: The Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 Experience

Indie vs. mainstream: it’s the never-ending debate of Philippine cinema. It’s a battle between film festivals vs. TV artistas. One rakes in money while the other rakes in awards. It’s a very black-and-white view towards an art form we all try to revive.

But with the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), they try to blur that line. Director Jose Javier Reyes explains in his blog, Choking On My Adobo, that it’s not a battle anymore. 2016’s MMFF celebrated Filipino cinema as a revered art form without stereotypes. Forget how they produced / funded the film… if it’s a Filipino film, it’s a Filipino film. No other labels, period. Naintindihan niyo ba?

What separates this year from the rest, though, is change. By change, I meant the lack of the familiar titles we would’ve linked to MMFF. You wouldn’t see Enteng KabisoteMano Po, Shake, Rattle, and Roll, and/or (!) a Vice Ganda slapstick this year.

Let’s just say that it’s refreshing to see the festival’s content for 2016.

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FIRST AID LAUNDRY: The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

Christmas season strikes again! Left and right, we fully book our December with holiday parties. Office parties, noche buena, and media noche… ‘Tis the season to be chubby!

We also need to look our best for these events. So we bring out our best #OOTDs, themed costumes, or our ugliest Christmas sweaters. But the bigger the feast, the more chances drink spills or food stains get on our clothes. We avoid this situation at all costs.

Stains on clothes seems like a small issue, but it’s a big factor on our appearance. It creates anxiety and self-consciousness. Later on, there’s the tedious work needed to remove the dirt.

Introducing The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer promo

Good thing Sharp has created another engineering marvel to answer this problem.

The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is your newest first aid spot washing device, quick to remove common stains on different kinds of fabric.

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Random Round Up No. 1

At this point, no new topic idea is in my mind. I want to write the usual blog entry. But I have been so busy lately with work and family life. (I am the mother of none, godmother of five, and a tita* to everyone.) I feel grateful though, even if I just want to sleep early tonight!

But frankly, I should avoid this excuse. I want to regularly create content until I get better in quality. Further procrastination leads to more frustration with my work. All you creative kids know the feeling, right?

So let me introduce you to Random Round Up. It’s the monthly blog series rounding up what I’ve been doing lately. I include very random things I’ve encountered for the past 30 days. Books, films, shows, songs, and anything else. Think of Life Lately under a different name. Same concept, different name.

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