Halloween Movie Marathon 2016: More Than Just Kwaidan

Personally, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Halloween specials on TV and the Internet always get me excited. Being a horror film geek myself, my usual way to celebrate Halloween is to watch 2-3 horror movies during the entire 31st of October.

No other prose genre requires a great amount of creativity other than horror. Even if the execution isn’t done well, horror gives its audience both anxiety and anticipation as they follow the story on screen. Will the hero make it out alive? Will the creature get to her first? When’s the next creepy scene? Am I ready for that next jump scare? If you’ve experienced being hesitant to ride a roller coaster before only to ride it and live to tell the tale, then you’ve already got an idea on how it feels to watch a horror movie.

For this Halloween, my theme is Japanese horror films. I’m studying basic Japanese in preparation for a future trip, so this one way to learn and relax at the same time. When one thinks of J-horror, Ringu (Ring, 1998), or  Ju-On (The Grudge, 2002) comes to mind but I wanted to watch something I’ve never seen before so I decided to watch the lesser known films. This year’s selection includes Nihon no Kowai Yoru (Dark Tales of Japan, 2005), Noriko no shokutaku (Noriko’s Dinner Table, 2005), and Tetsuo (Tetsuo The Iron Man, 1989).

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