Random Round Up No. 2

It’s been one month since I opened Aicsthetic! (Party poppers everywhere.) I never took blogging seriously before. But now, writing at least an entry per week pushes me to keep going with the blog. As I mentioned previously, I always don’t push through with my creative projects. This time, I hope the blog lasts for years.

Now to business. Whew! I’m glad 2016 is almost over. The year turned out to be a total mess. Personally though, I still had positive things that kept me in check this 2016. And as we’re on the last week of the year, here’s the December 2016 Random Round Up!

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Ruminate & Reflect: The Material Girl Problem

We each have different views on the holidays. For some, they see Christmas as a day of giving and taking. Christians often remind others of Jesus’s birth during this time. Businesses take this chance to lure the market in the guise of discounts. Most take the time off to rest with their families or travel to new places.

Personally, this season is a good time to look back. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that passed by, or the life choices I made in general. Also, yes: an excuse to write a Ruminate & Reflect post.

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Ruminate & Reflect: Law of Attraction

Ruminate & Reflect 2016.11.12

First things first.

Before I get to the main point of this blog, I’d like to talk about the development of the site. I just started this last week, so a lot of pages and materials are still definitely under construction. Honestly I don’t even have a profile picture on my public Facebook page. I also just used my header as a cover photo right away–I still have to create a proper one soon.


The Importance of Content

But what are social media collaterals good for if I don’t put out a blog entry? I want to focus on developing this blog (no not that development, but I’d like to learn, honestly). I needed to write because everything I wrote for the past year were forum posts and TL;DR Reddit comments. If I were to get back to blogging, I must write. When I started Art Student Aesthetic, I made the mistake of focusing on the aesthetic. (You’ll be seeing that word a lot here so you’ve been warned!) With that, my content lacked that push for writing that I needed. Eventually I took a break from blogging for eight months until I launched Aicsthetic.

Initially, I had an About page that I drafted a few days ago. Although it seemed great at first, I changed it because I had second thoughts about it after that day. This problem of mine had me asking a couple of questions. First, what do I put up in my personal bio that would be appropriate? Then, what do I share and what do I not share? (The answer is quite obvious here, but I fell trap to oversharing in my past blog and social media posts. The older I got, the more I’d keep some vital personal details out of the Internet.) Also, what would hook you guys into reading what this blog is about? I’d rather think about this through because first impressions do make a very big impact on the audience. I care about your feedback.

Simultaneously I write content and prepare collaterals for the blog in preparation for a future trip to Japan in winter. Take note that I rarely travel–especially as of now. We all know the Internet gets wet at the sight of #Wanderlust on their feeds. But apart from Instagram spamming, I’d expound on my experience in wordy travelogues millennials would lick feet for. Yes, I am excited! Time to be the one of the millennials wandering around the world, that world which is our oyster!


Now To My Main Point

Enough of my excitement. I might kill the hype later. I’ll be talking about how #shookt the Internet has been lately. Or rather, the Internet I browse. I’ve come to some sort of (Br)existential epiphany that prompted me to start this blog. Initially this week, I was only going to post about my Halloween movie marathon this year. However, the recent turn of events and people’s reaction to it got me contemplating about something. It’s enough to inspire me to write about the Law of Attraction.

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Hello. Here’s me hoping Aicsthetic sticks for a very long time.

I’ve been blogging since my high school days. Being a bookworm and wanting to write my own novels lead me to my love of writing, which then eventually grew into me writing blogs and eventually venting out my feelings / thoughts on the world wide web. However, I have this problem of not pushing through with my creative projects and shelving them until a new idea comes along. It’s a frustrating cycle that other creatives go through. So not all of my blogs get to reach to the point where my readers can anticipate quality content or some of my ideas don’t get to see the light of day.

Maybe blogging isn’t for me, I thought. But this time, I’m pushing through with this.

Why am I starting this blog though? Simply because I need a space to be creative, and I wanted to share it with others. I was awarded Campus Writer of the Year back when I graduated in high school. That was six years ago, and now I’m in a career that involved more of illustrating than writing. As a creative, I get frustrated when I am not able to draw even a simple sketch in my personal sketchpad. So why not start an online journal where I write about things that interest me and others? It’s a good way to stay creative plus discuss things other people may be interested in. So that’s why I started Aicsthetic.

What will I be talking about? Simple: I’ll be sharing stuff I find interesting–and maybe weird stuff too, along with (shareable) life updates. What should you expect then? A bit of lifestyle, a bit of travel (which is quite rare so that’s special), a lot of beauty (big cosmetics junkie right here), a lot of world cinema, and just some weird stuff I stumble upon the Internet. In short, variety.

I hope you’d sit back, relax, and watch as my posts get quirkier and longer each time.


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