Monday Momentum // 17.03.20

Chances are, you’re part of the lot who thinks like this:

Monday: I’m here!

No matter what we do, Monday is a part of life. The only way to be at peace with Monday is to accept that it’s just there. Or at least, look at it this way: it’s a brand new page for this week. You wanted a fresh start? Monday’s a part of the package, deal with it.

So I created Monday Momentum to curate inspiration at the start of the week. This is now a weekly thing for 1) you to get better #MondayMotivation, and 2) a creative idea that keeps me writing in this blog too.

Sit back, and relax with me as we get our vibes going! (I’ll start with quotes for now.)

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Ruminate & Reflect: Insights from a Parking Lot In the Philippines

4 out of 5 chances, you’re likely Filipino. Most of you guys are Filipino, so you know this situation very well. This happens when you go out with your family or friends, especially at the mall. We don’t really notice this at first because it’s “the norm”. The more I thought about it, the more I learned how ingrained this is in our culture.

But if you’re non-Filipino, let this be something to learn about us. Take this in the right way, it’s what makes us interesting as a nation. It’s something subconscious and ingrained in our culture. The moment I realized it, I was like “Oh s***, that’s it.”

I’m gonna tell a story from the second POV: from your view. Forget about your age, gender, or whether or not you own a license. Today, you are going to drive a car.

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An Integral Passion To Learn

We celebrate all kinds of love this February.

Romance with our SOs is what we often think of when it’s V-Day. Others celebrate love by taking time with their families and friends. Some singles take out their bitter loneliness on others by denying the holiday’s spirit. We still celebrate love no matter how we view this month.

But there’s one kind of passion that we overlook. It’s the passion to learn. We’re all passionate about a certain field or skill, and that itself is love! Passion is something between you and your dreams only, and no one can come in between that. The passion to learn is what keeps us growing as humans and helps us contribute to society. And with that, it’s a kind of of passion that works.

And where do we find a passion that works? At Integra Institute of Art, Business, & Technology.

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Why You Should Drink Water, As The Internet Keeps Telling You To

You probably googled a lot of tutorials since you started the internet. And all these tutorials have one tip in common: drink water. “How to lose 10 kgs?” Drink water. “How to get rid of acne?” Drink x amount of water. “How to get rid of my anxiety ruining my will to live?” Drink the damn water. One way or another, the tutorial always goes to one vital tip: drink water.

Drinking water is, indeed, the most vital life hack. You’re so tired of it right now as you sip your glass of water while reading that repetitive tip. Yet there’s at least one content creator reminding you every minute! As if our body ain’t trained to take note of that.

But there are tons of reasons why bloggers, vloggers, and their moms keep repeating this s**t. Because it’s that good! Good for your body, mind, and soul. Somehow regularly hydrating solves our problems away. Science did say that water is the universal solvent… Hahaha guys… GUYS?

Read on why the H2O hype is real:

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Ruminate & Reflect: #Relatable Walter Mitty

How’re y’all doin’? Sorry I’m gonna delay the travel posts for a while. It’s a very busy month for me: I went back to work. Personal life happened. I’m also sticking to my goals and plans for this year… Which means actually working towards them without having to say anything. I know, I’m cheating on you guys with that. But they said: “Never count your chickens before they’re hatched.”

But there’s something I wanna share with you: a film. I watched it before I returned back home. You see, I made the mistake of not downloading Philippine Airlines’ myPAL player when I departed… Boo! So I corrected that before leaving, and I had it in my phone. Finally, in-flight entertainment!

Now the real question was, what do I watch? There were a lot to choose from, but I chose The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Why that? IDK, TBH. Last time I heard of it were good words from people who’ve seen it. All I knew about it was that Ben Stiller played your average guy with a secret fantastic life.

I was pretty close to what it really was.

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Random Round Up No. 2

It’s been one month since I opened Aicsthetic! (Party poppers everywhere.) I never took blogging seriously before. But now, writing at least an entry per week pushes me to keep going with the blog. As I mentioned previously, I always don’t push through with my creative projects. This time, I hope the blog lasts for years.

Now to business. Whew! I’m glad 2016 is almost over. The year turned out to be a total mess. Personally though, I still had positive things that kept me in check this 2016. And as we’re on the last week of the year, here’s the December 2016 Random Round Up!

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Ruminate & Reflect: The Material Girl Problem

We each have different views on the holidays. For some, they see Christmas as a day of giving and taking. Christians often remind others of Jesus’s birth during this time. Businesses take this chance to lure the market in the guise of discounts. Most take the time off to rest with their families or travel to new places.

Personally, this season is a good time to look back. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that passed by, or the life choices I made in general. Also, yes: an excuse to write a Ruminate & Reflect post.

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FIRST AID LAUNDRY: The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

Christmas season strikes again! Left and right, we fully book our December with holiday parties. Office parties, noche buena, and media noche… ‘Tis the season to be chubby!

We also need to look our best for these events. So we bring out our best #OOTDs, themed costumes, or our ugliest Christmas sweaters. But the bigger the feast, the more chances drink spills or food stains get on our clothes. We avoid this situation at all costs.

Stains on clothes seems like a small issue, but it’s a big factor on our appearance. It creates anxiety and self-consciousness. Later on, there’s the tedious work needed to remove the dirt.

Introducing The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer

Sharp Ultrasonic Washer promo

Good thing Sharp has created another engineering marvel to answer this problem.

The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is your newest first aid spot washing device, quick to remove common stains on different kinds of fabric.

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My 2017 Planner: Everything is Possible

My history with planners started when I got a refillable leather organizer. I got it when I was Grade 5. Looking back, I didn’t know what I needed a planner for… Maybe I used it for homework or school clubs, I guess. But I carried on the yearly habit of getting a planner to write down reminders I might forget in every day life.

It’s been 12 years since I got my first planner. I’ve gone from Best Buy’s refillable organizers to a Starbucks holiday planner. (Never again, to be honest.) However, two planners from Belle Du Jour became my go-to products for a productive year.

During college, I wrote in NAVI: Your Life Navigator twice (2011 & 2013). I couldn’t use it as much because it catered to travelers which I wasn’t that much of yet. I only used it for listing down course requirements or org work. But I found another BDJ planner for the ambitious… I even used this for around three years now! I used it in 2014 and 2016, now I’m gonna use it for 2017!

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Starbucks Holiday Season 2016: Santa Hat Dark Mocha Frapuccino

As 2016 comes  to an end, Starbucks wouldn’t pass it by without a bang. By the bang, I meant their holiday specials. Christmas season starts at November here so that’s when the holiday special starts. Once it does, Filipinos line up to earn them stickers for their holiday planners.

But I’ll be honest. That planner ends up in three different fates: sold to another, barely filled in, or just untouched.

(For the record, Halloween season needs more recognition. Anyone saying it starts during September to October needs Jesus or whichever deity would bring them to their senses.)

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