Monday Momentum // 17.03.20

Chances are, you’re part of the lot who thinks like this:

Monday: I’m here!

No matter what we do, Monday is a part of life. The only way to be at peace with Monday is to accept that it’s just there. Or at least, look at it this way: it’s a brand new page for this week. You wanted a fresh start? Monday’s a part of the package, deal with it.

So I created Monday Momentum to curate inspiration at the start of the week. This is now a weekly thing for 1) you to get better #MondayMotivation, and 2) a creative idea that keeps me writing in this blog too.

Sit back, and relax with me as we get our vibes going! (I’ll start with quotes for now.)

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Ruminate & Reflect: Insights from a Parking Lot In the Philippines

4 out of 5 chances, you’re likely Filipino. Most of you guys are Filipino, so you know this situation very well. This happens when you go out with your family or friends, especially at the mall. We don’t really notice this at first because it’s “the norm”. The more I thought about it, the more I learned how ingrained this is in our culture.

But if you’re non-Filipino, let this be something to learn about us. Take this in the right way, it’s what makes us interesting as a nation. It’s something subconscious and ingrained in our culture. The moment I realized it, I was like “Oh s***, that’s it.”

I’m gonna tell a story from the second POV: from your view. Forget about your age, gender, or whether or not you own a license. Today, you are going to drive a car.

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My Gahd, I Love Drug Stores // Beauty Haul // Japan 2016 (Part 1)

Japan is indeed a beautiful land. And in that land, there are a lot of beautiful people (inside and out). With beautiful people comes beauty standards. And with beauty standards enters makeup.

The country’s history with makeup is outstanding. First, they got Shiseido, the world’s oldest cosmetics company. Then, there’s the kabuki makeup we often see in classic Japanese theater. Or we think of the geisha‘s ivory faces and red lips. Also let’s remember the cute asf packaging these products use to lure us in.

My main shopping goal in Japan was to acquire the gold. I mean, their homegrown beauty products. The prices of these at home were no joke at all haha huhu. Heck, even some of these brands pulled out from the Philippines! (This sums up my feelings. Warning: you need earphones for that.) So this was my opportunity to catch ’em all… Even when Pokemon Go ran out of style so soon.


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An Integral Passion To Learn

We celebrate all kinds of love this February.

Romance with our SOs is what we often think of when it’s V-Day. Others celebrate love by taking time with their families and friends. Some singles take out their bitter loneliness on others by denying the holiday’s spirit. We still celebrate love no matter how we view this month.

But there’s one kind of passion that we overlook. It’s the passion to learn. We’re all passionate about a certain field or skill, and that itself is love! Passion is something between you and your dreams only, and no one can come in between that. The passion to learn is what keeps us growing as humans and helps us contribute to society. And with that, it’s a kind of of passion that works.

And where do we find a passion that works? At Integra Institute of Art, Business, & Technology.

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Why You Should Drink Water, As The Internet Keeps Telling You To

You probably googled a lot of tutorials since you started the internet. And all these tutorials have one tip in common: drink water. “How to lose 10 kgs?” Drink water. “How to get rid of acne?” Drink x amount of water. “How to get rid of my anxiety ruining my will to live?” Drink the damn water. One way or another, the tutorial always goes to one vital tip: drink water.

Drinking water is, indeed, the most vital life hack. You’re so tired of it right now as you sip your glass of water while reading that repetitive tip. Yet there’s at least one content creator reminding you every minute! As if our body ain’t trained to take note of that.

But there are tons of reasons why bloggers, vloggers, and their moms keep repeating this s**t. Because it’s that good! Good for your body, mind, and soul. Somehow regularly hydrating solves our problems away. Science did say that water is the universal solvent… Hahaha guys… GUYS?

Read on why the H2O hype is real:

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Osaka // Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

2016 // 12 // 26

Only 5 hours of sleep on Christmas night. No wonder Sofia Coppola made a movie about this country with the word “lost” in the title. I understood that clearly after just our first day. But honestly, in a country like this, I wouldn’t entirely mind. Maybe it’s because I had a basic grasp of the language–enough to get around with basic social interactions. Or probably because of how disciplined they are as a whole, and how safe I felt here.

And on the 26th, the vacation formally begins.

After our grooming rituals, our travel group went down to McDonald’s for breakfast. Strangely, that Makku (what they call it in Japan) had no English menu. That was weird, but okay. Like what I did with the ramen place in Dotonbori, I chose whatever looked like an Egg McMuffin. Turns out, it was bacon and egg. Not bad.

When we were done, we walked out only for the rain to greet us. The area wasn’t covered, so some spots had rain pouring. Good news: I brought an umbrella in my luggage. Bad news: I, a genius, left it in my hotel room. I knew it would rain during our trip, but didn’t know it was that day. I still marched on in my coat, beret, and Doc Martens.

Rainy days dampen the motivation of photographers. But when you’re in Japan, FFS, forget about that. I thought of it as a challenge. Hues change according to weather and time of the day. What is ugly at day is likely beautiful at night. Or what seems meh under the sun stands out in the gloom.

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Osaka // Dotonbori

2016 // 12 // 25

After months of waiting, the day came.

I spent hours on learning the basics. Even a lazy ass like mine learned how to read hiragana and katakana within the ber months. If idle time at work existed, I spent it on Googling everything related to Japan. There were sites dedicated to the country’s quirks that baffled foreigners. Only Japan can be a fascinating, beautiful, and weird country all at once. Anyone I knew who’s been there always talk about how the country is heaven on earth.

Of course I was excited. My parents went there three years ago and went back home with tons of praise. Now, it’s my turn to experience Japan’s beauty. For once, I’m taking a break from the mess of my homeland’s society. Also it’s been 3 years since my last flight. Hello, airline food and in-flight entertainment!

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Ruminate & Reflect: #Relatable Walter Mitty

How’re y’all doin’? Sorry I’m gonna delay the travel posts for a while. It’s a very busy month for me: I went back to work. Personal life happened. I’m also sticking to my goals and plans for this year… Which means actually working towards them without having to say anything. I know, I’m cheating on you guys with that. But they said: “Never count your chickens before they’re hatched.”

But there’s something I wanna share with you: a film. I watched it before I returned back home. You see, I made the mistake of not downloading Philippine Airlines’ myPAL player when I departed… Boo! So I corrected that before leaving, and I had it in my phone. Finally, in-flight entertainment!

Now the real question was, what do I watch? There were a lot to choose from, but I chose The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Why that? IDK, TBH. Last time I heard of it were good words from people who’ve seen it. All I knew about it was that Ben Stiller played your average guy with a secret fantastic life.

I was pretty close to what it really was.

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IrasshAICAse: The Japan 2016 Instagram Photodump

おはよう ございます!

How are y’all doing? I hope you’re feeling well because it’s just the start of the year! We’re glad to leave 2016 behind and move on to 2017. (Not that it treated me or you badly, but it f**ed up society as a whole.) It’s only the first week of January, yet I’m already tired. I blame myself though, since I slept for only 5 hours on some nights. Can you blame me, though? Two Sundays passed since I left Japan!

Two weeks in, but I still have (the good kind of) fever. I can still hear the female voiceover in the train stations announcing where the doors open. Hidari for left, migi for right. Then I still remember that woman at the Daikoku Drug Store where I bought most of my makeup at. And I can’t forget every bowl of ramen I took in the entire country!

I know y’all are waiting for the main course. But here’s the starters. All photos are from my Instagram. (If you’re not following me yet–why though?!–it’s @aicstheticist.)

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