Tokyo // Tokyo Disneyland

Nothing says save the best for the last like Tokyo Disneyland at the very end of our itinerary. What a great idea it was! That is a fact until we realized a lesson we learned from our Universal Studios experience: Asian theme park queues are always long! But this is Disneyland we were talking about, and beside it is like, Disney Sea, so what’s the fuss? Well either way I was still stoked, because this is the third Disneyland I visited! (Previous two were in Hong Kong and Anaheim.)

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Osaka // Universal Studios Japan 2016

2016 // 12 // 27

Universal Studios Japan‘s 2016 theme, “RE-BOOOOOOOORN!“, gives guests the feel of fresh second chances. Also, this is my second take of the park. I went to the one in LA 4 years before this.

I was pretty stoked ‘coz it was my first time seeing a Universal Studios park with a Harry Potter World in it! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so this is my very own immersion experience into the wizarding world.

How many O’s are there in Universal Studios’ 15th anniversary theme? 8. Yeah, I counted it lol. Such a long-ass word, right? Well, the “BOOOOOOOORN” part matches the theme of an Asian theme park because… the lines are that long too

A note and a warning: I’m letting the photos do the talking. So this one’s pretty photo-heavy. It’s a long line… like our rides.

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HOLIDAY GETAWAY: Tagaytay // SkyRanch

This is the second part of my Holiday Getaway travel blog this weekend. For the first part, you can read my entry about Taal Vista Hotel.

Like Taal Vista Hotel, we were no strangers to the amusement park called Sky Ranch. If you’re not a lazy bum, you can reach the park through the long walking distance. It’s not that far away from the hotel. Perhaps, it’s the nearest leisure area that’s not as small as the Play Palace from the McDonald’s across the hotel or as “adult” as the Casino Filipino behind the fast food chain. Sky Ranch welcomes everyone of all ages.


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