An Open Letter To The Root of My Confidence Issues

To the root of my confidence issues,

They said past is past. It’s very easy for most people to tell you to suck it up and move on. But again, it’s easy to say only. Shit, I shouldn’t even think of you either. After all, 10 years passed and a lot took place since then. You might’ve changed for good. Shall that be true, then there’s no need to write this after all. And yes, there is no need to write this.

But deep down, who I was 10 years ago is screaming to who I am today to do this. I’m better today. And maybe it’s because I chose to ignore the issue instead. But just because it’s done and you’re not in front of me anymore, that doesn’t cancel how much it affected me before. And I want to do this because I want my subconscious to be free of your actions. I want to let go of the feelings attached with what you did to me. I should’ve done that, but I only knew better now. And now’s my chance.

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Ruminate & Reflect: My Worst Enemy

First things first: I don’t believe in airing out my dirty laundry online anymore.┬áMy teenage (and 20/21 year old self) kept making that mistake, but gladly I improved since. I only talk s*** if I need to say something out loud for the people in the back. Also,┬áthis means I wanna keep some things private. I do enjoy sharing life on social media, but at some point I grew tired and learned the beauty of privacy in the 2010’s. I try to keep some of my life details here to a minimum.

But there’s something I always wanted to share with you that’s really bothering me. And yeah, it’s very personal so I dunno what the hell did I just type before this. Yet I noticed I’m not alone in my problem. You probably relate to it, or know someone who does.

To put it short. I have anxiety.

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