Japan 2016 Makeup Look

It’s been a while! I understand that I have been MIA for some time. Lately a lot of things went on with me, and I had to focus on them first. But this is something I’ve always wanted to show to you guys: my Japan 2016 makeup look!

A Little Intro

The Igari makeup inspired my look for this trip. Japanese stylist Igari Shinobu created this blush-centric look and it grew popular in Japan. Instead of placing it on the cheeks, however, the blush is under the eyes. It leaves a hungover / sickly touch, thus having others call it “hungover” makeup. Simply put, my friend called it “drunk blush”. Since I tried this look, I found it looks super good on me. It’s become my “usual look” since then!

Take note that there are a lot of non-Japanese products here as well. I used a lot of the products here for quite a while. I believe you don’t have to use a country’s products if you want to go for their beauty standard. But it does help to achieve the “feel” of the makeup look. Hence, that’s why I did a beauty haul back there. (Apart from the price difference from PH, of course.)

So I’m doing this tutorial step by step. I broke down the images into steps and identified each product per step.

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Beat The Heat: Avène-ge Your Beauty

The Weather app says it’s 35ºC but the air feels like Lucifer’s balls. It doesn’t help either that there’s too many people in one place. Then, the AC doesn’t even work properly! Plus most of us commute on our way to class or work, and not every transpo we have has a cooling system. So what happens then? We get very rich… with sweat. We earn more sweat than pesos during summer.

I know a lot of you feel shy about leaving the house with makeup. On some days, I feel that too. Our BB’s, concealers and powders have SPF to save our skins. But this season, they easily melt away with a few sweat drops. So we leave sunscreen on and put very few makeup items on. But we just feel insecure when our dark spots and acne scars are visible to the public eye, right?

What if I told you, you can conceal your dark shadows without feeling sticky as the day went on? Because that’s what tinted moisturizers do…

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What’s In My Makeup Bag? 2016 // 12

Before I leave for my trip, I’d like to share with you the insides of my makeup bag. I sometimes use these items when I feel like putting on makeup at work. Normally, I wear really minimal makeup to work because of time constraints.

I’ll need these tools and products to beat my face. The bulk of my bag(s) make it seem like I bring a lot. But I make sure to pack them properly inside. Everything in the bags complete my makeup process.

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