Tokyo // The Holy Tokyo Trinity

After a few days, we finally made it to Tokyo! Stepping foot in the capital prefecture. But at the same time, I felt like I was finally feeling the hype around it. It’s one thing to look envy Japan photos on Instagram. It’s another to walk the crossing, see Mario Karts in your commute, and see Piko Taro as a face mask. So, we explored the holy Tokyo trinity: Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya.

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Japan 2016 Makeup Look

It’s been a while! I understand that I have been MIA for some time. Lately a lot of things went on with me, and I had to focus on them first. But this is something I’ve always wanted to show to you guys: my Japan 2016 makeup look!

A Little Intro

The Igari makeup inspired my look for this trip. Japanese stylist Igari Shinobu created this blush-centric look and it grew popular in Japan. Instead of placing it on the cheeks, however, the blush is under the eyes. It leaves a hungover / sickly touch, thus having others call it “hungover” makeup. Simply put, my friend called it “drunk blush”. Since I tried this look, I found it looks super good on me. It’s become my “usual look” since then!

Take note that there are a lot of non-Japanese products here as well. I used a lot of the products here for quite a while. I believe you don’t have to use a country’s products if you want to go for their beauty standard. But it does help to achieve the “feel” of the makeup look. Hence, that’s why I did a beauty haul back there. (Apart from the price difference from PH, of course.)

So I’m doing this tutorial step by step. I broke down the images into steps and identified each product per step.

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Osaka // Namba & Umeda

2016  // 12 // 26

Have you ever been so excited but your momentum was just drained? Excitement’s good. But remember to recharge! I learned the hard way when I traveled to the Osaka Castle. Travel bloggers always tell you how important it is to charge your gadgets, but looks like I forgot to do so! Luckily, my phone was always on high battery, so I still got some good photos that day.

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Osaka // Dotonbori

2016 // 12 // 25

After months of waiting, the day came.

I spent hours on learning the basics. Even a lazy ass like mine learned how to read hiragana and katakana within the ber months. If idle time at work existed, I spent it on Googling everything related to Japan. There were sites dedicated to the country’s quirks that baffled foreigners. Only Japan can be a fascinating, beautiful, and weird country all at once. Anyone I knew who’s been there always talk about how the country is heaven on earth.

Of course I was excited. My parents went there three years ago and went back home with tons of praise. Now, it’s my turn to experience Japan’s beauty. For once, I’m taking a break from the mess of my homeland’s society. Also it’s been 3 years since my last flight. Hello, airline food and in-flight entertainment!

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IrasshAICAse: The Japan 2016 Instagram Photodump

おはよう ございます!

How are y’all doing? I hope you’re feeling well because it’s just the start of the year! We’re glad to leave 2016 behind and move on to 2017. (Not that it treated me or you badly, but it f**ed up society as a whole.) It’s only the first week of January, yet I’m already tired. I blame myself though, since I slept for only 5 hours on some nights. Can you blame me, though? Two Sundays passed since I left Japan!

Two weeks in, but I still have (the good kind of) fever. I can still hear the female voiceover in the train stations announcing where the doors open. Hidari for left, migi for right. Then I still remember that woman at the Daikoku Drug Store where I bought most of my makeup at. And I can’t forget every bowl of ramen I took in the entire country!

I know y’all are waiting for the main course. But here’s the starters. All photos are from my Instagram. (If you’re not following me yet–why though?!–it’s @aicstheticist.)

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Traveling Challenge: Surviving Mercury Retrograde

There are certain times of the year where the stars just wanna watch you burn.

I’m not kidding. Mischief gets its share during those times of the year. You can actually blame fate for your setbacks, because it’s fate’s fault then. Around this time, you end up with lots of “what.” Maybe you stopped at the wrong train station. Or you sent e-mails to employers without your CV. You started dating someone who turns out to be a douche. Screwing up has a fancy name: Mercury Retrograde.

I first encountered this term during my TV production course back in college. Our professor marked a range of dates in her calendars with that dreaded name. She simply explained to us that it’s a very delicate time for production, because that’s when the messing up starts. Since then, I kept this in mind since we now heavily rely on gadgets and tech.

Later on, I learned that this was an astrological concept. I know some of you think astrology, zodiac, and horoscopes are bull. Even I’m not sold on the stars telling my fate. But sometimes, you just can’t help wonder why things just go haywire after an amount of time…

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Halloween Movie Marathon 2016: More Than Just Kwaidan

Personally, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Halloween specials on TV and the Internet always get me excited. Being a horror film geek myself, my usual way to celebrate Halloween is to watch 2-3 horror movies during the entire 31st of October.

No other prose genre requires a great amount of creativity other than horror. Even if the execution isn’t done well, horror gives its audience both anxiety and anticipation as they follow the story on screen. Will the hero make it out alive? Will the creature get to her first? When’s the next creepy scene? Am I ready for that next jump scare? If you’ve experienced being hesitant to ride a roller coaster before only to ride it and live to tell the tale, then you’ve already got an idea on how it feels to watch a horror movie.

For this Halloween, my theme is Japanese horror films. I’m studying basic Japanese in preparation for a future trip, so this one way to learn and relax at the same time. When one thinks of J-horror, Ringu (Ring, 1998), or  Ju-On (The Grudge, 2002) comes to mind but I wanted to watch something I’ve never seen before so I decided to watch the lesser known films. This year’s selection includes Nihon no Kowai Yoru (Dark Tales of Japan, 2005), Noriko no shokutaku (Noriko’s Dinner Table, 2005), and Tetsuo (Tetsuo The Iron Man, 1989).

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